✨Authentic Erotic Touch Retreat✨

✨Authentic Erotic Touch Retreat✨

Erotic – Self Awakening, Make the Unconscious Conscious to Become Whole by Diving Deep into Intimacy and Self – Empowerment………

The Retreat Its All About Using the Energy of The Body to go Beyond Our Perceived Limitations.

It’s All About Reaching Higher Possibility’s with The Mind, Body & Spirit.

“ Tantra, means You’re Able to Use Your Energy’s to Make Things Happen. “ Sadhguru


Time Out to Explore the Innocence of Our Erotic Nature …

Time Out to Discover How Erotic Energy can Be Transformed Into a Sustainable Spiritual Practice….

This Retreat is an Opportunity to find out where the Erotic Resides in You…

Immerse Yourself Into these Subtle Realms….

You’ll Explore The Many Ways to Activate Erotic- Life Force Energy!!!

Call for More Info or WhatsApp 074 044 7889

Mon – Sat 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM